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Jou-el King Illustration UK Art and Design.
 I am English born, now living in Wales. I have a diploma in Illustration and have recently gained a BA (Hons) in Digital Illustration here in Wales. My work includes Digital painting, mixed media, including pen,pastel, watercolour and ink. Fantasy female art. I especially enjoy Photo manipulation/design. My work is a mirror of who I am, A crazy, eclectic mix of controversy and bohemian spirit! 
 My subjects include female fantasy, landscapes, still life, animals, line drawings/pattern making and more recently, fabric design. My latest project involves the promotion of Hemp fabric, specifically around Digital printing. Creativity flows faster when there is a mission burning its heels.  Always open to a new challenge! Although mature, I have yet to mellow when it comes to passion for creative things! I love to experiment and always feel I've got loads more to learn. 
I have enjoyed creating this website and I hope you enjoy viewing it, if you have any questions or comments please contact me. I am very open to collaborations and being involved in creative projects and am available for commissions too.



If you would like to ask any questions, order prints, collaborate, or enquire about commissions please e mail or use the contact page!







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