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AT THE FARM/animals

Digital art inspired by some mighty fine Welsh and English creatures!

Barcelona Cats

These two beautiful cats were photographed on a visit to Spain some years ago. An inspiration for a digital painting!

Sheep and horse.

Over the common again, these three seemed great pals!

Sheep Serene.

Another local scene complete with sleepy sheep. Digital painting.

The Twins of Woolly.

Another trip over our local common to find this one! I just loved the look in the mothers eye!

A Young Welsh Horse.

When I came across this beautiful creature roaming free on a Pembrokeshire common, I knew I had to create some art!

Happy Horses. Actually these horses are not Welsh! I captured these beauties whist visiting Cowdray!
The Mark of Dr Faustus. Our boy again, this time embellished with one of my line drawings!
Faustus on duty. Digital painting of the cat Faustus watching the birds. Very carefully!
The Sheep with no name. Found roaming the common nesr to where I live!
happy chicken
happy goats
farm cat sleeping
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