Jou-el King Illustration Graphic,Fantasy, 3D Art
Jou-el King IllustrationGraphic,Fantasy, 3D Art


A selection of Art. all involving the Digital process.

'Peace meditation'.

A digital painting, full of experimentation. I enjoyed creating this very much!

'Late for the Party'.

So called because this was created about 3 days after Halloween!

Gladioli Revisited.

I took the original painting one step forward in a new direction, altogether a more 'painterly' rendition.

Welsh Slate Glow.

Experimental tecnique, which resulted in a glowing, stained glass effect!

Welsh Slate (1) Part of a mini-series.

I discovered this beautiful slate whilst taking photos of a pine forest near Rhos. It had recently rained, which brought out all the fantastic colours they hold.

Welsh Slate (2)

Welsh Slate (3)

Leo Meets Jack.

I came across an old photograph, taken last year and loved the possibilities it presented! The sun and the frost creating beautiful colours and patterns.

Side Street in Cardigan.

My local town has many intersesting little paths, hidden from the High street. I was inspired to capture this one!



Homage To The Sun.

Inspiration for this digital work was taken from a window in Carmarthen Castle!

Twin Fires. Pen and ink/Digital work.


This work started life as a fading flower on a scanner. Transformed with the help of Corel Painter!

Toadstool Fantasy.

I am very interested in combining real with fantasy. I began with a photograph of some local toadstools and the rest is Art!

Patterned Poppy.

Poppies are not the only flower. But I love them! This image was part of an experiment involving the laying down of a pattern (in this case, my line drawing) onto an unexpected surface.

Gold Goddess.

Again, an experiment with surface pattern. This Gold Goddess was inspired both by the Pre-Raphelites style and the colour palette of Bocklins Isle of the Dead.

The line drawing transplant morphed into some kind of sheer body suit!

The Mirror.

This image started life as a scan of a paper laser cut of my pattern. Repeated and manipulated in Photoshop. I recycled the face of my 'Toadstool" female, to complete the mask appearance.

Gold Circles.

A lot of my work is very experimental, and this piece is no exception, pretty abstract for me but I loved creating it!

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