Jou-el King Illustration Graphic,Fantasy, 3D Art
Jou-el King IllustrationGraphic,Fantasy, 3D Art


Here is where the pencil hits the paper!











Horse Creek.

This started life as a line drawing doodle before entering the digital world!

Doodle Pig.

Having some fun with a doodle drawing!

pencil drawing inspired from victorian illustration.

Pencil drawing inspired by cemetary angel statue.


Pencil drawing, later used in a digital painting.

Pencil drawing of an Indian, used in a poster design.

Ellie. Ink on paper. From my imagination....

Ink freehand doodle drawing.

Ink drawing, going with the flow......

Ink line drawing on paper. I have used this pattern extensively for digitally transplanting onto fabric, flowers and skin!

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