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Jou-el King IllustrationGraphic,Fantasy, 3D Art


This is an example of the design procedure of a completed project, putting the elements together!

This is the drawing that I used as a base for this project. I enjoy using hand made work as an element of what is going to be a digital piece. Transformation was an important part of the message I wanted to include, so the challenge was to transform a figure of cold, grey stone into a colourful, vital female figure! The work was divided between Photoshop and Corel Painter. Both of these programmes use different tecniques and offer varied effects to achieve an original feel to the work.

This was the first of the three images. For the background I used part of a panoramic image of some beautiful landscape near my home. I used colour references from renaissance art. The face was redrawn to appear more realistic, and I included the warmth of the sun in the background to suggest the beginning of new life, a symbolic thawing.

The second image. In this I tried to create the idea of some kind of spiritual movement, vibration and transformative energy. Reaching down and touching the figure, breathing life into it and allowing colour to materialise. The sun is still partly visible, symbolising the regenerative natural energy ever present

In the third image, the transformation is complete. The green of nature herself has enveloped and energised the figure. It may be saying ' everything comes from the Earth and is returned to it'. But the message is not morbid, it is an affirmation, a celebration, a reminder that life is beautifully precious.

The triptych brings the process together into one visual. Life is Art, Art is Life.Beautifully framed or not, it is all part of the Earth. Transplanting Art into the Earth illustrates both the strength and vulnerability of the human spirit.

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