Jou-el King Illustration Graphic,Fantasy, 3D Art
Jou-el King IllustrationGraphic,Fantasy, 3D Art


A diverse selection of work both old and new, experimental and work in progress.

Another visit with my Blue Ballerina...again, with an abstract overtone!

This one is my Hemp Goddess made abstract with digital effects!

'Girl with a Pom'. I scanned my soft pastel painting and used various digital magic to create this!

Another visit to the 'fading gladioli'! I used Rebelle software to create this handpainted effect.


Tenby, in watercolour.

My line drawing, coloured and placed somewhere beautiful.

Space age Pandora. Again, mixing hand drawn with digital.

A  recoloured scan of a laser cut of my drawing with a watercolour piece behind!

An experiment about placing a drawing/pattern onto moving fabric.

An embossing experiment with the line drawing again.

The images above and below are colour experiments with my line drawn pattern.

I wondered how my drawing would look as a window?!

Just for fun!!!!

More playing with surface pattern on skin..

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