Jou-el King Illustration Graphic,Fantasy, 3D Art
Jou-el King IllustrationGraphic,Fantasy, 3D Art


Portrait/figurative digital paintings.

'I Dream of Home'. A digital painting attempting to evoke the emotional pull and effect of imagining yourself where you feel loved.

Drawing Back the Veil. A mysterious,dramatic image, hopefully inviting the viewer to determine just 'what' is on the other side.....?

Phoenix Rising. Another upcycled image with a fiery feel!

Maid of Hemp. This painting is part of a Hemp awareness campaign I am creating. Thanks to Cait Halle for being my model and Mohammed Hassan for the original photo.

A Woman Scorned. Fiery photo manipulation/digital painting.

Moon Maid. A Victorian influenced digital illustration.

Twin Fires. Again, a recycled pencil drawing woven into a digital painting.

Girl With a Turban. Again, thanks to Mohamed Hassan and Cait Halle. Digital work.

Girl with a Turban. Framed.

The Rose. Original line drawing/digital painting.

Release. This is part of a series of my pencil drawings incorporated into digital paintings!

Awakening. Thanks to Mohamed Hassan for the original photography, and Cait Halle for being a fantastic model! Digital work.

Contemplation. Digital work.

Blackfire. Digital Painting, Photoshop and Painter.

Digital painting, started in Photoshop, finished in Corel Painter.

Digital portrait of my Grand-daughter, Pynq, created entirely in Corel Painter.

No 2 appearance of my partner Pete ( or half of him)!

Salvation. Digital painting, again a mixture of Photoshop and Corel Painter.

Gold Goddess. Mainly Corel Painter. The pattern on the fabric is my own design.

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